Agriculture Interior Steel


AgriSteel freestalls are animal friendly and durable.  All of our designs promote comfort, cleanliness, and reduce injury.  We offer several different types of freestall designs.  All of the freestalls we offer have good lunge space, reducing stress on the cow.  They are available in many different designs and styles to fit your animal needs.  All freestsalls are made with 1.90 or 2 3/8" OD 10 gauge galvanized tubing.  All mounting options are available with 1.66 or 1.90 neck rail and heavy duty cross clamps.


AgriSteel headlocks are constructed with heavy duty top and bottom square tubing weighing 230lbs per 10' section.  They are galvanized after construction to prevent any corrosion.  The headlocks are complete with swing arm bushings with rubber bump silencers, automatic down cow release, and meet or exceed all industry standards.  All mounting options are available and compatible with steel or wood frame construction.

Slant Bars/ Feed Rail

AgriSteel offers 1.90, 10 ga. or 2 3/8" , 7 ga. galvanized pipe for feed rails.  The feed rail systems can be offered with adjustable brackets for a variety of animal sizes.

Slant bars are 2" x 3" galvanized tubing with 1.315 customized uprights to accommodate animal size.

Fencing/ Cattle Panel

The cattle panel and fencing are galvanized piping with galvanized panels and installed between the I-beams for protection of curtains, equipment, and cattle traffic.

Gates/ Water Guards

All gates and water guards are custom made for the animal movement and cow flow.  Heavy duty, neat and clean hinges.  There are a variety of gate latches to choose from in the open and closed position.

Cattle Guards

AgriSteel's custom cattle guards are a series of 3" piping set on floor mount I-beams.  They are removable for convenient and easy cleaning along with cattle protection.  They enable drive thru feeding without opening and closing any gates.