Agricultural Building Design

When you choose an AgriSteel building, you won’t get an out-of-the-catalog design. In fact, it’s the uniqueness of our designs that helped grow our company. Producers who saw our agricultural buildings during visits to our home state of Wisconsin, appreciated the open, natural concept and high-quality buildings. Soon after, we were shipping building packages to these very same producers to have their new AgriSteel buildings constructed. 

We pride ourselves in understanding our customers’ goals by custom designing a dairy building or cattle building to meet their needs. We’ll work with you from the preliminary planning phase through construction so that you get to know the design of your building inside and out, giving you peace of mind that it fits your customers' unique operations.

Design options

With our building packages, you’ll be assured a durable design that lasts for decades to come. We offer two primary dairy and cattle barn designs: dual slope and monoslope.

Dual slope: Our dual-slope design is used primarily for dairy buildings. The roof pitch can be designed center-of-ridge or off-center.

Monoslope: Many producers favor our monoslope barn design for youngstock and beef cattle. This design features a higher roof that overhangs to the south, keeping hot sunlight from reaching the herd while maximizing the flow of fresh air through the building.

We can supply you with numerous package designs for constructing one building or an entire complex:

  • Freestall barns

  • Heifer facilities

  • Pack barns

  • Compost barns

  • Milking parlors

  • Commodity buildings

  • Shops

  • Special-needs barns

  • Manure storage

Designed for optimal herd health

A producer’s primary objective is to get the most out of their herd, whether that’s milk production, beef production or both. To do that, animals need to lead a healthy and stress-free life. That’s why we design our agricultural buildings with herd health as a top priority.

Through our designs, we focus on ventilation to replace warm, stale air with cool, fresh air to make the herd comfortable and lessen the chance of disease.

Healthier herds not only produce more, but producers will spend less money nursing animals back to health. As an added benefit, employees will also be happier and healthier.

Added specialty products

To design a fully customized facility, we’ve developed relationships with numerous agricultural equipment manufacturers who provide a variety of products that can be added to our building packages. Because of these relationships, we have the buying power to competitively supply you with the necessary equipment that makes your dairy building or cattle barn a state-of-the-art facility.

Ask us about:

  • Head locks

  • Freestalls

  • Expandable gates

  • Fencing

  • Custom cattle panels

  • Manure systems

  • Lighting

  • Curtain systems

  • Slant rails

  • Alley scrapers

  • Calf huts

  • Watering stations

  • Sprinkler systems

  • Foot baths

  • Cow brushes

Get your custom design today

Tell us your customers' unique goals, and we’ll create an agricultural building designed specific to the size and structure you need to get the job done. To learn more about becoming a dealer and building AgriSteel buildings, complete the contact form or call 920-606-9549.


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