Construction Management for Agricultural Buildings

When you buy an AgriSteel agricultural building, you will have the opportunity to add construction management services offered by our company to your project. These construction management services are especially valuable when building a complete facility setup with multiple agricultural buildings. Our company can bring the strength of our construction management team and expertise in managing multiple projects from the ground up on one site.

When we bring the strength of our construction management team to your livestock building project we will ensure the project stays on time and in budget.

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Construction management services

We provide two primary sets of services to construction companies that request construction management services:

  • Construction Management (CM) at Risk

  • Construction Management as an Advisor

In CM at Risk, we will take on the risk—or the financial responsibility—for the project. In the case of a CM as an Advisor, we simply act as a consultant during construction of your agricultural building.

These services are an excellent complement to the custom design, engineering and fabricating services we provide construction companies that purchase our livestock building packages. By providing a seamless service throughout the entire course of the project, we’ll be able to quickly identify and address any issues or problems that could affect your project’s timeline.

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Why use our management services?

Our project managers can support construction companies that may need assistance finding or negotiating costs with suppliers or subcontractors. The project manager will ensure the project stays in budget and on schedule, even when changes to the project are necessary. This requires open communication with all subcontractors, ensuring the farmer can move cattle into the finished building quickly.

If you are interested in learning more about construction management services for your agricultural building project, contact Mark Hultman at 920-606-9549 or


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