Engineered Agricultural Steel Buildings

When you buy an agricultural steel building from us, you can rely on its durability and that it will last for generations to come. Our dairy barns and cattle barns are engineered and fabricated with steel frames, which will last more than four times longer than a typical wood frame building.

Engineered for any climate and location

The frames of our steel buildings are fabricated from hot rolled structural steel. This makes our agricultural buildings more durable and higher quality than those constructed with a welded steel plate design.

We engineer and fabricate our building frames to a higher standard than local, county, and state agricultural codes by following all the structural provisions of the current International Building Codes (IBC). In addition, we are certified with the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) and and American Welding Society (AWS) .

This provides for increased safety of farmers, employees, livestock and equipment, while ensuring long-term use of the building.

Creative engineering design

Our team of engineers and designers offer innovative design solutions that are tailored to individual needs. Using a continuous I-beam system, we can engineer center-ridge, off-center ridge or monoslope roof lines in various roof pitches. This system, with large roof expanses specific to agricultural buildings, also allows us to achieve virtually any width, length or eave height.

Our steel farm buildings are engineered to be constructed easily and efficiently at the construction site. This will ensure the construction completion timeline and will save the producers money on construction costs and get animals and equipment moved in on schedule.

See the engineering difference

If you’re looking for an agricultural steel building that is built for extreme weather conditions and to last decades into the future, complete the contact form or call 920-606-9549 to learn more about our creative custom designed and engineered buildings.


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