Steel Farm Building Fabrication

When you choose AgriSteel, you’ll get a dairy barn or cattle barn built to last. We fabricate engineered, all-steel frames that are structural steel members. Our engineers ensure our barns and buildings are designed to a higher standard to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The strength of our framing system

Our approach to custom design and engineering allows builders and farmers to economically construct an agricultural building that specifically fits their needs. Our high-strength, hot roll formed steel frames are engineered and sized specific to your location’s elements. Using continuous roof I-beam frames, we can achieve virtually any width, length or eave height.

Our interior columns are typically square tube steel or wide flange structural steel beams. Depending on your choice, we either galvanize frames and columns or finish them with a rust inhibitor primer.

Roof and wall covering system

We provide wall and roof coverings that are strong, durable and hold a higher industry standard. We utilize 26-gauge, 36-inch PBR steel sheet panels, available in a large selection of colors to meet the customer’s needs. AgriSteel also offers innovative translucent polycarbonate panels in several different shades. Using the latest technology from LEXAN™ and CoverLite®, you will appreciate the outstanding characteristics of these panels:

  • High light transmission

  • Advanced UV protection

  • Impact resistant and virtually unbreakable

Available in a variety of translucency, these panels keep the elements out while providing dairy and cattle herds with maximum daylight to keep them healthier.

Secondary systems

We provide the roof framing members of our steel farm buildings with either lumber or galvanized steel, depending on the requested bay spacing and preferences. Lumber is typically used for a 20-foot bay spacing, and secondary purlins are inset between steel rafters. Steel members cover a wider bay spacing. With AgriSteel buildings, both wood and steel purlins and girts can be placed inset or outset.

Fabricated to last

When we fabricate a steel farm building, we do it with the future in mind. Our steel-framed farm buildings last generations to come. We focus on quality fabrication with the strongest materials to ensure dairy and beef operations are housed in a safe, healthy, sustainable facilities. To get details on our steel-framed farm buildings or to become a dealer, complete the contact form or call 920-606-9549.


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